The Hypnobiome Program

What is the Hypnobiome Program?

Hypnobiome is a seven week program offering personalised online support via Zoom, focusings on three key pillars;


Improve the gut-brain interaction (how the gut and brain communicate to each other)

The Gut Microbiome

Using advanced technology (metagenomic sequencing) provides insight into the balance of bacteria in the large colon


Reducing the need for restrictive diets and learning how to enjoy eating food again

Who is the Hypnobiome
Program for?

The Hypnobiome is a six week program offering personalised online support via Zoom, focusings on three key pillars;

  • You have an IBS diagnosis and are looking for a holistic program that addresses the three main pillars impacting IBS, the gut - brain interaction, the gut microbiome and food.
  • You want to regain control of your social life, eat out without with family and friends again without worrying about if something in your meal will trigger symptoms.
  • You want to regain the love of food and cooking, enjoy a wide range of cuisines again and not be limited to low FODMAP meals.
  • You want to say yes to opportunities to enjoy life without the limitations of IBS.
  • You want to eat what your family are eating and not have to make separate meals for yourself.
  • You understand the importance of supporting healthy gut bacteria and want to learn how to optimise the microbiome you have to improve vitality.
  • You are confused by all the nutrition advice out there and want some grounded guidance on what to eat to support health and the microbiome.

The Hypnobiome Program

Gut Directed Hypnotherapy, Microbiome & Nutrition

While the exact causes of IBS are unknown, there is evidence to suggest that IBS symptoms can arise from the mind-gut connection (such as stress and anxiety), food triggers or from imbalance of the gut microbiome and its functions.

Utilising the three program pillars, Gut Directed Hypnotherapy, the Gut Microbiome and Nutrition, the Hypnobiome program aims to:

Teach you how your mind interprets pain and stress signals

Provide you with lifelong IBS management skills

Help you regain the love of food again

Help you address any miscommunication happening between your brain and gut

Assess the balance of bacteria in your large intestine

The Hypnobiome program is tailored for you

Sessions with me are online (via zoom)

Remain in the comfort of your own home

Program runs for a minimum of seven weeks

Uses an evidenced based approach

Personalised sessions for each client

A caring and supportive environment

What is included in the Hypnobiome Program?

One initial consultation

90 minutes

During this session we discuss your current areas of concern, go through a detailed health history, gain an understanding of your symptom severity and understand what strategies you might have already attempted to manage your IBS.

We discuss your relationship with food and any food triggers you have identified. Working together, we set some achievable goals so you get the most out of the program and start living your best life without the limitations of IBS. This session includes your first session of gut directed hypnotherapy and you receive a hypnotherapy recording to listen to each day.

Six follow-up consultations

60 minutes each

Sessions are held weekly for the first five weeks and move to fortnightly for the remaining two sessions.

During a follow-up consultation we will spend the first 20-30 minutes discussing the previous week/s tools, recordings and coaching strategies followed by a personalised gut directed hypnotherapy session.

In the 5th session we explore your microbiome and discuss the types of bacteria living in your gut and how the substances they produce may be impacting your health.

Bonus inclusions

Zoom recordings

Each hypnotherapy session via Zoom will be recorded and available for you to listen to any time you would like to re-listen to the session. Some of these recordings will form part of the ‘homework’ required between sessions. You will have access to all seven Zoom recordings

Pre-recorded hypnotherapy audios

You will receive three pre-recorded gut directed hypnotherapy audios. These form an integral part of the program as the recordings have been chosen for your personal focus areas, goals or concerns. Listening to these recordings each day between sessions will assist to reinforce the therapy conducted during your 1:1 sessions.

Exercises and worksheets

Throughout the seven weeks there will be questionnaires, exercises and worksheets for your to complete. These additional tasks and activities complement the hypnotherapy aspect of the program and help to support your success throughout the program.

Hypnobiome pricing

The pricing for the Hypnobiome sessions largely depends on whether you have already had a microbiome test.

Gut Directed Hypnotherapy, Microbiome & Nutrition
  • Initial consultation (90 mins)
  • Six follow up consultations (60 mins each)
Bonus inclusions
  • All seven Zoom recordings
  • Three pre-recorded hypnotherapy audios
  • Questionnaires, exercises and worksheets

Prepay and save +10% for all seven sessions!


Start living your best life without the limitations of IBS

Hypnobiome is a seven week program using the power of hypnotherapy to reduce your IBS symptom severity