Christine Stewart

Gut Nutritionist and
Gut-directed Hypnotherapist

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Thank you for wanting to learn more about me and the work that I do.

As a Registered Nutritionist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I specialise in reducing the uncomfortable symptoms of IBS and helping clients gain a love of food again.

With expertise in diet and lifestyle therapies, a deep understanding of the gut microbiome and training in hypnotherapy, my Hypnobiome program uses a unique approach, incorporating all three evidence-based fields related to IBS.

Why did I develop the Hypnobiome Program?

I have trained in delivering the Low FODMAP diet for the management of IBS. While this approach can be effective, the diet itself can be restrictive, challenging to follow, and not suitable for everyone.

Additionally, while working as a Microbiome Coach, I saw firsthand the devastating impacts the low FODMAP diet had on the microbiome if followed for longer than the diet was intended.

In a search for new ways I could help clients, I discovered the power of hypnotherapy in reducing IBS symptom severity. To my surprise, there was more research into this area than I had expected, and the evidence was quite compelling.

One study found that participants who received gut-directed hypnotherapy showed improved IBS symptoms equally to participants who completed the low FODMAP diet. In both groups, 70% of participants reported improved symptoms after 6 weeks.

What is the Hypnobiome Program?

Hypnobiome is a comprehensive program offering personalised online support. The program focuses on three key pillars;


To improve the gut-brain interaction (how the gut and brain communicate to each other)

Gut Microbiome

Advanced technology using metagenomic sequencing insight into the balance of bacteria in the large colon


Reducing the need for restrictive diets and learning how to enjoy eating a healthy range of food

IBS diagnosis

While not considered a disease, IBS must still be diagnosed by a medical practitioner.

As a Nutritionist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I can not diagnose IBS. A clear diagnosis must be obtained by a qualified medical practitioner before implementing any treatments or protocols.

Start living your best life without the limitations of IBS

Hypnobiome is a comprehensive program using the power of hypnotherapy to reduce your IBS symptom severity